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What is Japanese Curry?

Curry is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. In fact, it is so popular that the Japanese people eat curry at least once a week on average. Even the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force have traditionally enjoyed curry on a weekly basis.

 Introduced by the British during the Meiji era, the Japanese curry have evolved into a dish quite different from the original curry from Southeast Asia. The standard Japanese curry is made from curry roux or curry powder base. Vegetables such as carrot and onion are cooked with a meat of choice. This is a overly simplified explanation, however.

Japanese curry can be difficult to describe, due to the variety of curry dishes that exist.  Not to mention, every Japanese household tend to have their own unique curry recipe. New combinations, contemporary ingredients, and different preparation methods keep the definition of Japanese curry ever evolving.

Variety of Japanese Curry


Curry Rice

Curry served with rice is the most popular form of Japanese curry. A wide variety of toppings can be enjoyed with curry rice. Vegetable mix curry, chicken cutlet curry, pork cutlet curry, fried shrimp curry, and stewed beef curry are some of the popular topping choices for curry rice. Curry rice is commonly served with pickled fukujinzuke or rakkyō. Curry served over omelet rice is another very popular variation of curry rice.


Curry Noodle

Curry udon, curry ramen, and curry spaghetti are some of the popular curry dish served with noodles. Curry udon consist of thick wheat flour noodles. Stewed chicken, thinly sliced beef, and thinly sliced pork are some of the more popular toppings. Curry ramen consist of Chinese-style wheat noodles. The consistency in curry ramen tends to be less thick compared to other curry dishes. Lastly, curry spaghetti is another great example of a fusion dish. With so many possible combinations, you are limited only by your own imagination.


Curry Bread

A freshly-made curry bread is crispy on the outside with soft curry filled bread on the inside. While this is different from naan bread, naan is also gaining popularity within Japanese curry cuisine.

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